“20 years ago, having sustained an occupational back injury, and spent many episodes off work and in pain, I sought help from Poynton Osteopathic Clinic.

I haven’t looked back and still enjoy the same friendly, professional, holistic care today.

Attending every couple of months for ‘maintenance’ has allowed me to enjoy being pain free. Credit to David and his team for such a fab service.“

LR, Bramhall

“I sometimes wonder how I would be today if I hadn’t come across David’s osteopathic and naturopathic practice some 20 years ago.  I shall never really know, of course – but I am quite sure I would not be as mobile and as generally fit as I currently am.

With my tendency to periodic back troubles, and the occasional broken bone or twisted ankle, David’s skilled hands have brought relief and a return to mobility in a gentle and most effective way. 

I have also benefitted from his use of kinesiology in sorting out some minor problems which conventional medicine would have treated with pharmaceutical drugs (and which may not have been nearly so effective). 

Although I have been coming for more than 20 years, it has not been on a regular basis, but rather simply when a need has arisen.  Although a number of sessions are usually needed to ‘put me right’, sometimes one visit has been sufficient. I am so grateful to be pain free, medication free, mobile and fit.

I have recommended David to a number of my friends – and all have, without exception, thanked me. I have no hesitation in making this wider recommendation.“

CS, Stockport

“As a keen runner who also suffers from IBS, I have been a patient of David’s for several years.  His breadth of knowledge and skill means that he is able to use whichever treatment is most appropriate for my symptoms.  At times this has been gentle Osteopathy or at other times Kinesiology. 

I think that everybody needs a medical professional who can be called upon when physically things just aren’t just quite right.  David is my medical professional and is regularly on hand to put me back together and give me back my health.  I would not hesitate to recommend David and have done so to many of my friends and family.”

WE, Stockport

“I would like to thank you for all the excellent treatment that I receive from you from time to time.

Over the last 40 years I have been to many different Osteopaths in Cheshire but I have to say that since I first met you some 6 or 7 years ago, I have always found your professionalism, ability and dedication second to none.

I would like to wish you all the very best in your new clinic premises”

Chris Hooley

“I consulted David Eddie after suffering from severe neck, back and leg pain for many months.  The service provided has always been very professional and friendly, always putting me at ease with explanations of the treatment and maintaining my dignity at all times.

After 14 weeks of treatment I know that had I not attended the practice my mobility today would be far less than it is.  I can now walk, lie and sit with ease and look forward to day to day activities with no restrictions.

I would highly recommend the David Eddie practice with no hesitation.”

Jean Collis, Poynton

“I have been a patient of David’s for many years and have benefited greatly from the treatment I have received, which has alleviated pain and kept me mobile and comfortable. David has an holistic approach and has a calm, patient and professional attitude to his work.

I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

EHB, Poynton

“I cannot recommend David Eddie highly enough. He has, over the years, successfully dealt with several acute problems for me and has also maintained my general mobility and well-being.


He has a holistic approach to problems, is highly professional and both calm and understanding in his dealings with his patients.”


“It’s not a miracle cure or instant solution but much more reliable than painkillers and

anti-inflammatory combination.  Going to David Eddie’s has been a much preferred choice for me than going to my GP for my back problems for past 8 years.“

Yuko, Manchester


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